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OutlookBarShortcut Object Members
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OutlookBarShortcut Object Members

Office 2007

Represents a shortcut in a group in the Shortcuts pane.


Bb176723.methods(en-us,office.12).gif SetIcon Sets the icon for the specified shortcut on the Shortcuts pane.


Bb176723.properties(en-us,office.12).gif Application Returns an Application object that represents the parent Outlook application for the object. Read-only.
Bb176723.properties(en-us,office.12).gif Class Returns an OlObjectClass constant indicating the object's class. Read-only.
Bb176723.properties(en-us,office.12).gif Name Returns or sets the display name for the object. Read/write.
Bb176723.properties(en-us,office.12).gif Parent Returns the parent Object of the specified object. Read-only.
Bb176723.properties(en-us,office.12).gif Session Returns the NameSpace object for the current session. Read-only.
Bb176723.properties(en-us,office.12).gif Target Returns a Variant indicating the target of the specified shortcut in a Shortcuts pane group. Read-only.

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