This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Item Types and Message Classes

Office 2007

The message class for an item is defined by its MessageClass property, and is used to identify the form that should be used to display the item.

Message class IDMessage class is used to identify a form for:
IPM.Activity Journal entries
IPM.DistListDistribution lists
IPM.OLE.Class The exception item of a recurrence series
IPMItems for which the specified form cannot be found
IPM.Note E-mail messages
IPM.Note.IMC.Notification Reports from the Internet Mail Connect (the Exchange Server gateway to the Internet)
IPM.Note.Rules.Oof.Template.Microsoft Out-of-office templates
IPM.PostPosting notes in a folder
IPM.StickyNoteCreating notes
IPM.Recall.Report Message recall reports
IPM.Outlook.RecallRecalling sent messages from recipient Inboxes
IPM.Remote Remote Mail message headers
IPM.Note.Rules.ReplyTemplate.MicrosoftEditing rule reply templates
IPM.ReportReporting item status
IPM.ResendResending a failed message
IPM.Schedule.Meeting.CanceledMeeting cancellations
IPM.Schedule.Meeting.Request Meeting requests
IPM.Schedule.Meeting.Resp.Neg Responses to decline meeting requests
IPM.Schedule.Meeting.Resp.PosResponses to accept meeting requests
IPM.Schedule.Meeting.Resp.TentResponses to tentatively accept meeting requests
IPM.Note.Secure Encrypted notes to other people
IPM.Note.Secure.SignDigitally signed notes to other people
IPM.Task Tasks
IPM.TaskRequest.AcceptResponses to accept task requests
IPM.TaskRequest.DeclineResponses to desline task requests
IPM.TaskRequestTask requests
IPM.TaskRequest.Update Updates to requested tasks