Fog Blending (Direct3D 9)

Fog blending refers to the application of the fog factor to the fog and object colors to produce the final color that appears in a scene, as discussed in Fog Formulas (Direct3D 9). The D3DRS_FOGENABLE render state controls fog blending. Set this render state to TRUE to enable fog blending as shown in the following example code. The default is FALSE.

// For this example, g_pDevice is a valid pointer
// to an IDirect3DDevice9 interface.
hr = g_pDevice->SetRenderState(
if FAILED(hr)
    return hr;

You must enable fog blending for both pixel fog and vertex fog. For information about using these types of fog, see Pixel Fog (Direct3D 9) and Vertex Fog (Direct3D 9).

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