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Driver stencil capability flags.

D3DSTENCILCAPS_KEEP0x00000001LDo not update the entry in the stencil buffer. This is the default value.
D3DSTENCILCAPS_ZERO0x00000002LSet the stencil-buffer entry to 0.
D3DSTENCILCAPS_REPLACE0x00000004LReplace the stencil-buffer entry with reference value.
D3DSTENCILCAPS_INCRSAT0x00000008LIncrement the stencil-buffer entry, clamping to the maximum value.
D3DSTENCILCAPS_DECRSAT0x00000010LDecrement the stencil-buffer entry, clamping to zero.
D3DSTENCILCAPS_INVERT0x00000020LInvert the bits in the stencil-buffer entry.
D3DSTENCILCAPS_INCR0x00000040LIncrement the stencil-buffer entry, wrapping to zero if the new value exceeds the maximum value.
D3DSTENCILCAPS_DECR0x00000080LDecrement the stencil-buffer entry, wrapping to the maximum value if the new value is less than zero.
D3DSTENCILCAPS_TWOSIDED0x00000100LThe device supports two-sided stencil.


Stencil-buffer entries are integer values ranging from 0 through 2ⁿ - 1, where n is the bit depth of the stencil buffer.

These constants are used by the StencilCaps member of D3DCAPS9.

Constant Information

Minimum operating systemWindows 98




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