callnz pred - vs

Call if not zero, with a predicate. Performs a conditional call to the instruction marked by the label index. Predication uses a boolean value to determine whether of not to perform the instruction.


callnz l#, [!]p0.{x|y|z|w}



  • l# is a label - vs marking the beginning of the subroutine to be called.
  • [!] is an optional negate modifier.
  • p0 is the Predicate Register.
  • {x|y|z|w} is the required replicate swizzle on p0.


Vertex shader versions1_12_02_x2_sw3_03_sw
callnz predxxxx


This instruction does the following:

if (specified register component is not zero)
    Push address of the next instruction to the return address stack.
    Continue execution from the instruction marked by the label.

This instruction consumes one vertex shader instruction slot.

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