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IVsSolutionEvents Interface
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IVsSolutionEvents Interface

Listening interface that monitors any notifications of changes to the solution.

Namespace:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop
Assembly:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop (in Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop.dll)

public interface IVsSolutionEvents

The IVsSolutionEvents type exposes the following members.

Public methodOnAfterCloseSolutionNotifies listening clients that a solution has been closed.
Public methodOnAfterLoadProjectNotifies listening clients that the project has been loaded.
Public methodOnAfterOpenProjectNotifies listening clients that the project has been opened.
Public methodOnAfterOpenSolutionNotifies listening clients that the solution has been opened.
Public methodOnBeforeCloseProjectNotifies listening clients that the project is about to be closed.
Public methodOnBeforeCloseSolutionNotifies listening clients that the solution is about to be closed.
Public methodOnBeforeUnloadProjectNotifies listening clients that the project is about to be unloaded.
Public methodOnQueryCloseProjectQueries listening clients as to whether the project can be closed.
Public methodOnQueryCloseSolution
Public methodOnQueryUnloadProjectQueries listening clients as to whether the project can be unloaded.

This interface is implemented to track the opening, closing, loading, and unloading of a solution or project of a solution. There are fundamental differences between opening and closing and loading and unloading solutions or projects. For example, when a project is added to the solution, it is both "open" and "loaded" and it is available for all users to access. However, a user can "unload" the project, which then removes it from the solution only for that user. Another user can open the same solution and have that project "loaded." In other words, loading and unloading are user-specific and unloading a project does not remove it from the solution.

If the project cited in this example is "closed" by a user, then that project is effectively removed from the solution altogether, rendering it unavailable to subsequent users of the solution. This same example can be applied at the solution level.

IVsSolutionEvents contains methods that are implemented by parent projects containing children (nested) projects. It is implemented in conjunction with IVsParentProject.

You can also query SVsSolution for IVsSolution, Then call AdviseSolutionEvents to get a pointer to IVsSolutionEvents if you have a project that needs to listen to solution events.

Notes to Implementers

VSPackages implement this interface to receive notification of events affecting solution status.

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