ICommonStructureService Methods
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ICommonStructureService Methods

The ICommonStructureService type exposes the following members.

Public method ClearProjectInfoCache Clears the project information cache.
Public method CreateNode Creates a new node in a classification service structure.
Public method CreateProject Creates a new project context.
Public method DeleteBranches Deletes one or more branches
Public method DeleteProject Deletes a project context and the associated structures
Public method GetChangedNodes Gets the set of changed nodes with an ID greater than a specified ID.
Public method GetDeletedNodesXml Gets a set of nodes deleted from a project since a certain time as XML.
Public method GetNode Gets a NodeInfo structure using a node URI
Public method GetNodeFromPath Gets a NodeInfo structure using a node pathname.
Public method GetNodesXml Gets a set of nodes as XML, including its properties and optionally its children
Public method GetProject
Public method GetProjectFromName Gets a ProjectInfo structure using a project name
Public method GetProjectProperties Gets the current properties for a project.
Public method ImportBranch Imports a structure into CSS as a new branch in an existing structure
Public method ListAllProjects
Public method ListProjects Returns the list of project URIs
Public method ListStructures Lists the structures in a project
Public method MoveBranch Moves a node, along with the entire branch below the node, to a new position in the hierarchy
Public method RenameNode Renames the specified node.
Public method ReorderNode Moves a node to a new position in the order of nodes within its parent
Public method UpdateProjectProperties
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