IVsCfgProvider2 Methods

The IVsCfgProvider2 type exposes the following members.

Public method AddCfgsOfCfgName Copies an existing configuration name or creates a new one.
Public method AddCfgsOfPlatformName Copies an existing platform name or creates a new one.
Public method AdviseCfgProviderEvents Registers the caller for configuration event notification.
Public method DeleteCfgsOfCfgName Deletes a specified configuration name.
Public method DeleteCfgsOfPlatformName Deletes a specified platform name.
Public method GetCfgNames Returns one or more configuration names.
Public method GetCfgOfName Returns the configuration object associated with a specified configuration property or platform name.
Public method GetCfgProviderProperty Returns a specified configuration property.
Public method GetCfgs Returns the per-configuration objects for this object.
Public method GetPlatformNames Returns one or more platform names.
Public method GetSupportedPlatformNames Returns the set of platforms that are installed on the user's machine.
Public method RenameCfgsOfCfgName Assigns a new name to a configuration.
Public method UnadviseCfgProviderEvents Cancels a registration for configuration event notification.