VSPackages and Managed Package Framework (MPF)
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VSPackages and Managed Package Framework (MPF)

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You can reduce development time by creating a VSPackage with the managed package framework (MPF) classes instead of by using COM interop classes.

There are two ways to create a managed VSPackage:

  • Use the Visual Studio Integration Package Wizard

    For more information, see How to: Create VSPackages (C#).

  • Build your VSPackage without the Visual Studio Package Wizard

    For example, you can copy a sample VSPackages (BasicPkg, BasicEditor, or single-instance ToolWindow) and change the GUIDs and the names to match your VSPackage. The samples are installed with you install the Visual Studio SDK.

In This Section

Managed Package Framework Classes

Describes and lists the MPF class namespaces and DLL files.

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