Help Integration

Updated: July 2008

This section provides information about integrating and connecting context-sensitive Help.

Help Integration Essentials

Explains important information about how to create one-to-one relationships between objects in the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE) and Help topics.

About Context-Sensitive Help

Explains how Help authors and developers collaborate to create context-sensitive Help.

Connecting Context-Sensitive Help

Includes procedures for connecting context-sensitive Help to different components.

Custom "How Do I" Pages

Discusses How Do I pages, and provides a link to a topic that details how to provide a custom How Do I page.

Help Command-Line Programs

Discusses the command line tools available to compile, merge, and register Help collections.

Help Integration Reference

Contains links to general reference topics that pertain to Help integration.

Help Error Messages

Describes the error messages associated with the Help integration command line tools.

Inserting the Table of Contents of a Child Collection into a Parent Collection

Provides instructions for inserting your TOC into a parent Help collection.

Help Authoring and Integration

Explains how to author Help content and how to integrate Help with your product or component.




July 2008

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