VSPackages are software modules that extend the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE) by providing UI elements, services, projects, editors, and designers.

VSPackage Essentials

Presents the important elements of a VSPackage.

How to: Create VSPackages (C# and Visual Basic)

Discusses how to use the Visual Studio Integration Package Wizard to create a basic implementation of a simple VSPackage.

How to: Register a VSPackage (C#)

Discusses how to register a VSPackage by using the RegPkg utility.

How to: Troubleshoot VSPackages

Discusses problems that you may experience with your VSPackage and gives tips for solving them.

How to: Write to the Activity Log (C#)

Discusses the use of an activity log to help with debugging VSPackages in retail environments.

Loading VSPackages

Explains how and when VSPackages are loaded by Visual Studio.

VSPackage State

Explains how to save, restore, and change the state of a VSPackage.

VSPackage Branding

Shows how to advertise a VSPackage within Visual Studio.

VSPackage Load Keys

Explains how to obtain and install a PLK.

VSPackage Architecture

Presents a collection of VSPackage internals and advanced topics

Best Practices for Security in VSPackages

Helps you to create more secure products by understanding security vulnerabilities.

VSPackage Samples

VSPackage samples you can load in Visual Studio.

VSPackages Frequently Asked Questions

Contains responses to questions and issues about VSPackages from the Visual Studio user community.

Visual Studio Integration Architecture

Describes Visual Studio and its IDE, and introduces strategies and techniques for extending the IDE.

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