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Creating a Source Control Plug-in

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The Source Control Plug-in SDK provides resources that enable you to add source control capability to the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE). It lets you use any plug-in DLL that complies with the Source Control Plug-in API outlined in this documentation.

In This Section

Getting Started (Source Control Plug-ins)

Describes how to install a source control plug-in and highlights the currently available Source Control Plug-in API versions.

Source Control Plug-in Architecture

Uses an architecture diagram to explain the integration of a source control plug-in with the Visual Studio IDE.

Test Guide for Source Control Plug-ins

Provides guidance about how to test the installation and operation of a source control plug-in.

Related Sections

Creating a Source-Control VSPackage

Discusses how to create a source control VSPackage that not only supplies source control functionality but replaces Visual Studio source control UI.

Source Control Plug-in Sample

Gives guidelines to install and run a skeleton sample of a source control plug-in.

Source Control Plug-ins

Provides a complete listing of all the elements in the Source Control Plug-in API.

Source Control (Visual Studio SDK)

Discusses the options for implementing source control as an integrated feature of Visual Studio.