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Managed VSPackages


The following topics explain how to create a VSPackage. A VSPackage is a software module that extends the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE) by providing user interface (UI) elements, services, projects, editors, and designers. For more information, see VSPackages.

In This Section

Using Visual Studio Interop Assemblies

Describes the function and location of the Visual Studio interop assemblies and the namespaces they provide.

HRESULT Information in Managed Code

Discusses how to translate HRESULT information into thrown exceptions and int return values in managed code.

Visual Studio Interop Assembly Parameter Marshaling

Discusses interoperability issues between the Visual Studio interop assemblies and COM interfaces.

VSPackages and the Managed Package Framework

Describes and lists the managed package framework (MPF) class namespaces and DLL files and shows how to use them to create a VSPackage.

Resources in VSPackages

Describes the use of managed and unmanaged resources in managed VSPackages.

Related Sections

VSSDK Utilities

Presents a collection of VSPackage internals and advanced topics.