This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Registering File Name Extensions for Side-By-Side Deployments

For VSPackages deployed in a side-by-side environment, you must register file name extensions to associate the files with the correct version of Visual Studio. Unless you use a version-specific file name extension, registration enables users to open your project and project item files in the appropriate version of Visual Studio.

About File Name Extensions

Discusses how file name extensions are registered.

Specifying File Handlers for File Name Extensions

Provides information about how to register the applications that can open, edit, and so on, a particular file name extension.

Registering Verbs for File Name Extensions

Discusses how to register verbs.

Managing Side-by-Side File Associations

Discusses how to handle side-by-side installations in which a particular version of Visual Studio should be invoked to open a file.

Supporting Multiple Versions of Visual Studio

Describes issues related to multiple versions of Visual Studio and your VSPackage during development and deployment to end users.