We recommend using Visual Studio 2017

Using the Babel Package

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This section discusses how to use the Babel package, an unmanaged C++ framework, to create a language service for Visual Studio.

Babel Package Overview

Provides information about using the Babel Package to implement a language service in Visual Studio and lists the features for which support is provided when you are using Babel.

Walkthrough: Creating a Language Service Package

Shows the steps needed to create a default implementation of a language using Babel.

The Default Babel Implementation in the Language Service Package

Explains how the default implementation of Babel enables integration of a language service in Visual Studio by providing lexical and grammar specifications for a language and lists the features included in the default implementation.

Implementing the IBabelService Interface

Lists the order in which the methods of the IBabelService Interface are called by the Babel Package.

Babel Registry Information

Provides information for registering Babel with Visual Studio.

Babel How-to Topics

Explains how to support different features with the Babel package.

Checklist: Creating a Language Service

Provides step-by-step instructions about how to create and integrate a language service for the Visual Studio core editor.