UI Support in the Visual Studio SDK 

VSPackages typically control or modify the user interface (UI). Many UI elements are easy to program, and even the simplest VSPackage can use them for input and display.

In This Section

Creating Custom Task List Views

Discusses the information that is used to create a custom task list view.

How to: Create Custom Categories of Task Lists

Discusses why and how to create a custom category of tasks

Toolbox Overview

Describes how VSPackages can use and extend the Visual Studio Toolbox.

Status Bar Overview

Explains how to send messages and otherwise control the status bar.

Properties Window and Property Pages

Explains the architecture of code-viewing tools such as the Object Browser and Class View window, and describes the interfaces and methods used to implement object browsing in a VSPackage.

Output Window Overview

Explains how to create output window panes and write text to them.

User Configuration and Settings

Explains how VSPackages can participate in the integrated development environment's ability to save and retrieve user configuration settings.

Related Sections

Visual Studio Integration

Explains how to use the command window to execute user commands.

UI Element Appearance

Includes links to topics that explain how VSPackages integrate UI support.

Text Font and Color Control

Explains how to use the Font and Color property page.

UI Design Guidelines

Explains how to find information that illustrates the design of the Visual Studio UI.

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