Common Tasks with Commands, Menus, and Toolbars

A menu contains commands and command groups. Every command structure in the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE) starts with a menu. This section describes some common Visual Studio menu scenarios in which you may want to create your own custom menus.

How to: Create Reusable Groups of Buttons

Describes how to group command items so that they can be included on multiple menus.

How to: Create and Handle Commands in VSPackages (C#)

Describes how to add a command to an existing menu and handle it in a VSPackage.

How to: Create Menus, SubMenus, and Shortcut Menus

Describes how to create different types of menus.

How to: Create Toolbars in the IDE

Describes how to create a toolbar on the IDE.

How to: Create Toolbars for Tool Windows

Describes how to create a toolbar on a tool window.

How to: Add Icons to Commands on Toolbars

Describes how to add an icon to a command on both a toolbar and a menu.

How to: Add Menu Controllers to Toolbars

Describes how to create a toolbar button with a drop-down arrow next to it, which opens a drop-down menu.

How to: Dynamically Add Menu Items

Describes how to create a dynamic menu list such as a Most Recently Used (MRU) list.

How to: Change the Text of a Menu Command

Describes the use of the TextChanges flag to enable a menu item to be changed dynamically.

How to: Change the Appearance of a Command

Describes how to dynamically enable or disable a command.

How to: Update the User Interface

Describes how to force an update of the user interface to reflect recent changes.

How VSPackages Add User Interface Elements to the IDE

Describes how the Visual Studio architecture enables a VSPackage to add UI elements to the IDE.

Commands, Menus, and Toolbars

Explains how to create a UI that includes menus, toolbars, and command combo boxes.

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