We recommend using Visual Studio 2017

Creating Custom Test Types in Visual Studio

Visual Studio provides a set of built-in test types that let you run a variety of tests. Members of the Visual Studio Industry Partner program can integrate new tools into the test environment by using the same extensibility framework that Microsoft used to develop the built-in test types. By using this framework, partners can develop entirely new, fully integrated test types.

This section introduces the Test Type Extensibility Framework and describes how to use it to create and integrate custom test tools into the Visual Studio test platform. You will benefit the most from this content if you have some familiarity with the test environment of Visual Studio and with the general VSIP package interfaces. For an introduction to VSIP, see Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) Program Overview.

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These topics are accompanied by a sample. For more information, see Customizing for Testing By Using the Visual Studio SDK.

Overview of Test-Type Extensibility

Describes the purposes for creating and integrating custom test types.

High-Level Test Platform Extensibility Areas

Describes the varying ways in which you can integrate test tools into Visual Studio Application Lifecyle Management as custom test types.

Implementing Custom Test Types

Describes the steps that you take to integrate your existing test tools into the test environment of Visual Studio Application Lifecyle Management as custom test types.

Packaging and Installing Test Type Extensions in Visual Studio

Explains options for packaging and installing your new test type.