Help Authoring Reference

Help Authoring Reference

The Microsoft Help 2 reference contains documentation for the Microsoft Help XML markup, project files, and command line programs.

Help Stop-Word List

Defines terms that are typically included in stop word lists.

Help Charset Values

Defines the character set values supported by Microsoft Help.

Help LangId Values

Defines the LangId values supported by Microsoft Help.

Help Project Files

Lists the XML-based files included in Help 2 projects and resulting compiled Help files.

Help Link Markup

Contains markup used to create HTML links and special Microsoft Help 2 XML links.

Help XML Reference

Documents all the tags and attributes used in Help project files or XML data islands in HTML topic files.

Help Command-Line Programs

Documents the command-line programs that are included with Microsoft Help 2.

Help Error Messages

Lists the error messages that the Microsoft Help 2 command-line programs can display.

Help Authoring

Provides information about how to use HelpStudio Lite to author Help content.

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