Managing Configuration Options

When you create a new project type, you must manage project and solution configuration settings that determine how your project will be built, packaged, deployed, and run. The following topics discuss project and solution configuration.

Configuration Options Overview

Describes how projects in Visual Studio can support multiple configurations.

Property Pages

Explains that users can view and change project configuration dependent properties and independent properties by using property pages.

Solution Configuration

Provides information about what is stored in solution configurations and how solution configurations direct the behavior of the Start and Build commands.

Project Configuration Object

Explains how the project configuration object manages the display of configuration information to the UI.

Project Configuration for Building

Explains how a list of solution configurations for a particular solution is managed by the Solution Configurations dialog box.

Project Configuration for Managing Deployment

Defines the act of deployment and the two ways Visual Studio supports projects that support deployment.

Project Configuration for Output

Explains the build processes that every configuration can support and the interfaces and methods by which output items can be made available.

Project Types

Provides an overview of projects as the basic building blocks of the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE). Links are provided to additional topics that explain how projects control building and compiling code.

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