Callback Functions Implemented by the IDE


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To make integration with the integrated development environment (IDE) as seamless as possible and to provide a unified end-user experience, the source control plug-in can use callback functions that are implemented by the IDE. The plug-in can call these functions at appropriate times during a source control operation to pass information to the IDE; the IDE can then display this information as embedded elements in its native UI. The user has a less fragmented experience in this scenario than if the plug-in employed its own UI.

The required header file is scc.h. The default location is \Program Files\VSIP 8.0\EnvSDK\common\inc\. It is also in the VSIP folder that has the source control plug-in sample at \Program Files\VSIP 8.0\MSSCCI\.

Describes the callback function that is used by SccOpenProject to display messages from the source control plug-in through the IDE.

Describes the callback function that is used by SccPopulateList when the IDE does not have complete access to information that is available only to the source control plug-in, such as a complete list of files under version control.

Describes the callback function that is used by the SccQueryChanges operation.

Describes the callback function that is used by the SccPopulateDirList operation.

Describes the callback function set by a call to the SccSetOption that enables the source control plug-in to communicate name changes back to the IDE.

Opens a project.

Examines the list of files for their current status. In addition, uses the pfnPopulate function to notify the caller when a file does not match the criteria for the nCommand.

Examines a list of directories and files in a project or projects that are under source control. Each directory and file name found is passed to a callback function.

Examines name changes that were made to a list of files. Each file name is passed to a callback function together with its change status.

Sets a wide variety of options. Each option starts with SCC_OPT_xxx and has its own defined set of values.

Source Control Plug-ins
Describes the contents of the reference section of the Source Control Plug-in SDK.