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How to: Obtain a PLK

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Each VSPackage to be loaded in a deployed application must have a valid package load key (PLK). The PLK is uniquely related to the VSPackage and cannot be used to load any other VSPackage. PLKs are obtained from the Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) Web site.


Although the PLK request form refers to your product name, description, and version, it actually means your VSPackage name, description, and version.


Be careful when entering information to obtain your PLK. Incorrect information is the primary reason for PLK load failure.

To obtain a PLK from the VSIP developer Web site

  1. Go to the Visual Studio Industry Partner Web site.

  2. Sign in with your Passport Network credentials. Use the e-mail address and password that you use to sign in to the Passport Network. If you have no credentials, you can sign up here.

    The VSIP Affiliate home page appears.

  3. Click the Products link.

  4. If you have no existing product, create a new product by clicking Create New Product and filling in the requested product information.


    The company name that appears next to the product name is the company name you used when creating your VSIP membership. It must match the company name of your VSPackage.


    The Product URL is not used to generate the PLK. You can use any URL, but it has to be correctly formatted, for example,

  5. Click the lock icon to the right of your product, that is, your package.

    The PLK request form appears with the product name and description filled out.

  6. Fill in the requested fields. Be careful not to add any trailing spaces.

Field name Value Required

Product Version.

Type in a product version, for example, 1.0. You can use any string.


Package Guid

This is the GUID attribute of the class that implements your VSPackage, for example:

public class MyProductName : MsVsShell.Package

Note   Use the numeric value to fill in the field, excluding any brackets. For example:



Application Residency

Select a value from the dropdown list, for example, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003.


PLKs generated for Visual Studio.NET 2003 will also work with Visual Studio.NET 2005.


Minimum Product Edition

Select a value from the drop-down list, for example, Standard.


Resource DLL Filename

Type in the name of your resource dll, for example, MPUI.dll. If you have no resource dll, leave this field blank.

Note   This field is not used to generate the PLK.


  1. Click Request PLK. A message appears that looks something like this:

    Your Package Load Key request is pending. You will receive a notification when it's been approved or denied.

    The notification you receive will provide the PLK.

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