SccQueryInfo Function

This function obtains status information for a set of selected files under source control.

SCCRTN SccQueryInfo(
   LPVOID  pvContext,
   LONG    nFiles,
   LPCSTR* lpFileNames,
   LPLONG  lpStatus


[in] The source control plug-in context structure.


[in] Number of files specified in the lpFileNames array and the length of the lpStatus array.


[in] An array of names of files to be queried.


[in, out] An array in which the source control plug-in returns the status flags for each file. For more information, see File Status Code Enumerator.

The source control plug-in implementation of this function is expected to return one of the following values:




Query was successful.


There was a problem with accessing the source control system, probably caused by network or contention issues. A retry is recommended.


The project is not open under source control.


Nonspecific failure.

If lpFileName is an empty string, there is currently no status information to update. Otherwise, it is the full path name of the file for which the status information may have changed.

The return array can be a bitmask of SCC_STATUS_xxxx bits. For more information, see File Status Code Enumerator. A source control system may not support all bit types. For example, if SCC_STATUS_OUTOFDATE is not offered, the bit is just not set.

When using this function to check out files, note the following MSSCCI status requirements:

  • SCC_STATUS_OUTBYUSER is set when the current user has checked out the file.

  • SCC_STATUS_CHECKEDOUT cannot be set unless SCC_STATUS_OUTBYUSER is set.

  • SCC_STATUS_CHECKEDOUT is only set when the file is checked-out into the designated working directory.

  • If the file is checked-out by the current user into a directory other than the working directory, SCC_STATUS_OUTBYUSER is set but SCC_STATUS_CHECKEDOUT is not.

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