This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Language Services

The purpose of a language service in Visual Studio is to provide language-specific support for editing source code in the integrated development environment (IDE). You implement a language service as part of a VSPackage.

This section discusses the structure and implementation of a Visual Studio language service.

Language Service Essentials

Provides important information about how to develop language services to integrate a programming language into Visual Studio.

Developing a Language Service

Provides links to topics that can help you create a language service.

Syntax Coloring

Provides information about supporting syntax highlighting in a language service.

Implementing a Native-Code Language Service By Using Babel

Provides information about how to use the Babel Package to implement a language service in Visual Studio in native Visual C++, and lists the features that are supported with the Babel Package.

Implementing a Language Service By Using the Managed Package Framework

Provides information about how to use the managed package framework (MPF) to implement a full-featured language service in managed code.

Supporting Symbol-Browsing Tools

Describes libraries and tools that enable you to browse tree views of symbols in the IDE.

Walkthrough: Creating a Language Service Package

Provides a step-by-step guide to using the Language Service Wizard to create a language service built on the unmanaged Babel language framework.


Provides an overview of the editor that you can create or customize in Visual Studio.

Language Service Support for Debugging

Provides information about and a link to the Visual Studio Debugging SDK, which contains the information that is required to create and customize debugger components used to debug programs.