Source Control VSPackage Features


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This section describes the various features of a source control VSPackage. It outlines the registration and selection details for such a VSPackage, and discusses three of the main source control-related features: handling of Query-Edit Query-Save (QEQS) events, glyph replacement, and custom user interface (UI) for the source control functions.

Registration and Selection
Describes the package registration and selection mechanisms.

Query Edit Query Save
Explains the role of Query-Edit Query-Save events and how they are handled by the source control VSPackage.

Glyph Control
Describes the levels of glyph control and how to implement them.

Custom User Interface
Outlines the UI elements that a source control VSPackage can specify.

Creating a Source Control VSPackage
Discusses how to create a source control VSPackage that not only supplies source control functionality but can be used to customize the Visual Studio source control UI.