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Source Control VSPackage Features

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This section describes the various features of a source control VSPackage. It outlines the registration and selection details for such a VSPackage, and discusses three of the main source control-related features: handling of Query-Edit Query-Save (QEQS) events, glyph replacement, and custom user interface (UI) for the source control functions.

In This Section

Source-Control VSPackage Registration and Selection

Describes the package registration and selection mechanisms.

Query Edit Query Save (Source-Control VSPackage)

Explains the role of Query-Edit Query-Save events and how they are handled by the source control VSPackage.

Glyph Control (Source-Control VSPackage)

Describes the levels of glyph control and how to implement them.

Custom UI (Source-Control VSPackage)

Outlines the UI elements that a source control VSPackage can specify.

Related Sections

Creating a Source-Control VSPackage

Discusses how to create a source control VSPackage that not only supplies source control functionality but can be used to customize the Visual Studio source control UI.