We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Project Types

Visual Studio includes several project types for languages such as Visual C# and Visual Basic. Visual Studio also lets you create your own project types.

Project Type Essentials

Presents the important information that you must have to start working with project types.

Creating Project Types

Discusses the design of project types.

Walkthrough: Adding a Command to the Solution Explorer Toolbar (C#)

Details the steps that you must follow to add a button to the Visual Studio Solution Explorer toolbar.

How to: Add Web Services to Project Systems

Shows how to integrate Web services into your VSPackage project system.

How to: Rename Project Hierarchy Nodes (C++)

Shows how to rename a project folder hierarchy node.

Adding Project and Project Item Templates

Discusses how you can add templates to your project types so that users can create new projects and project items according to a pattern.

Opening and Saving Project Items

Provides information about how to manage the items your project type supports.

Managing Configuration Options

Discusses how your project types can support configuration options like Debug and Release that control how projects are built, debugged, and so forth.

Supporting Source Control

Provides information about how to add support for source-control systems to your project types.

Nesting Projects

Explains how your project types can support nesting, so that projects can be grouped together in Solution Explorer.

Upgrading Projects

Describes how your project type can participate in the Upgrade Wizard to upgrade project files from an earlier version of Visual Studio.

Project Types Architecture

Provides detailed technical information about project types.

Hierarchies and Selection

Provides an overview of how the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE) displays a project as a hierarchy.

Project Subtypes

Provides links to project subtype topics. Project subtypes enable extension of most kinds of project types, including your own.

Projects (Visual Studio SDK)

Describes how to extend the Visual Studio project system.