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Getting Started with Help Content and Integration

Updated: July 2008

Two sets of tools for producing MSDN-style help content are available. HelpStudio Lite, which is available from InnovaSys, is primarily used to produce conceptual content. Sandcastle, which was developed by Microsoft for internal use, generates API reference documentation from comments in source code. For more information and download instructions, see the Sandcastle blog.


HelpStudio Lite includes documentation to help you write content and integrate it into the Visual Studio Help collection. You can find this documentation on the Help menu in the HelpStudio Lite development environment. To find supplemental documentation, click "Knowledge Base" on the support tab on the InnovaSys Web site. This supplemental documentation explains how to interact with new features of Visual Studio Help, such as "How Do I" pages, and whether to use the Help Integration Wizard, or Help merge modules together with the Microsoft Windows installer, to deploy, register, and integrate Help content.

How to: Deploy and Integrate a Help Collection

Discusses the options that are available for deploying and integrating your Help collection.

Help Tools

Summarizes the tools available from Microsoft and outside providers for Help authoring and integration.

Help Authoring and Integration

Provides information about how to use HelpStudio Lite to author Help content.




July 2008

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