CommandTable Element


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CommandTable is the root element of the .vsct file. This is the file that defines the actual layout and type of the commands that a VSPackage provides to the IDE. Commands may include menu items, menus, toolbars, and combo boxes. For more information, see Visual Studio Command Table (.Vsct) Files.

<CommandTable xmlns="" xmlns:xs="" >  
  <Extern>... </Extern>  
  <Include>... </Include>  
  <Define>... </Define>  
  <Commands>... </Commands>  
  <CommandPlacements>... </CommandPlacements>  
  <VisibilityConstraints>... </VisibilityConstraints>  
  <KeyBindings>... </KeyBindings>  
  <UsedCommands... </UsedCommands>  
  <Symbols>... </Symbols>  

The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and parent elements.


xmlnsRequired. XML namespaces:


languageOptional. The language attribute may be used to specify the default language of all <Strings> elements in the command table. If the language is not specified, the language of the current process will be used:


Child Elements

Extern ElementOptional. Contains preprocessor directives for the compiler.
Include ElementOptional. Contains paths to any files to include in the compile.
Define ElementOptional. Defines a symbol given its name and value.
Commands ElementOptional. The parent element defining all the commands for the VSPackage that contains all of the other elements.
CommandPlacements ElementOptional. Defines where on the command bar the commands are to be placed.
VisibilityConstraints ElementOptional. Determines the static visibility of commands and toolbars.
KeyBindings ElementOptional. Specifies the shortcut key combinations, if any, for the commands.
UsedCommands ElementOptional. Allows a VSPackage to optionally implement its own version of functionality originally supported by other VSPackages.
Symbols ElementOptional. Contains any symbol data -- GUIDs, IDs, and so forth -- for the compiler.

Parent Elements


Visual Studio Command Table (.Vsct) Files