Command-Line Switches (Visual Studio SDK)


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Devenv.exe, the executable that starts the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE), supports command-line switches specifically for development of VSPackages. VSPackages can also make their own switches available at the Devenv command line. The following topics provide information about how to use command-line switches in the IDE.

Devenv Command-Line Switches for VSPackage Development
Describes the Devenv command-line switches you can use to simplify VSPackage development, debugging, and deployment.

Adding Command-Line Switches
Describes how to implement, look for, and read user-entered command-line switches for your package.

Devenv Command Line Switches
Explains how Devenv lets you set various options for the IDE, and how you can compile, build, and debug projects from the command line. Additionally, there is information about the syntax of Devenv switches and a table of switches.