Commands, Menus, and Toolbars

A VSPackage typically has a user interface that includes one or more commands. Commands are found on menus, toolbars (such as a toolbar in a tool window), and command combo boxes.

The topics in this section explain how commands, menus, and toolbars work in VSPackages.

Command, Menu, and Toolbar Overview

Presents best practices for adding menus and toolbars to your VSPackage.

How VSPackages Add User Interface Elements to the IDE

An in-depth description of the Command Table Format specification.

Visual Studio Command Table (.Vsct) Files

Describes an XML-based syntax and compiler for command tables.

Default Command, Group, and Toolbar Placement

Describes predefined commands, groups, menus, and toolbars.

IDE-Defined Commands, Menus, and Groups

Specifies the predefined menus, commands, and command groups available for use by the Visual Studio IDE.

Command Design

Explains how to implement commands.

VSCT XML Schema Reference

Describes all UI components and their flags.

Loading VSPackages

Describes how a VSPackage is loaded and how loading is controlled by command context.

Selection Context Objects

Explains the Visual Studio model for determining the selection context focuses of a window.

User Interfaces

Explains how to use Visual Studio services to create UI elements that match the rest of Visual Studio.