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Supporting Multiple Versions of Visual Studio


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The term side-by-side means that you can install and maintain multiple versions of a product on the same computer. For VSPackages, that means a user can have several Visual Studio versions installed on the same computer. However, you cannot have side-by-side versions of your VSPackages loaded into a single version of Visual Studio.

Before you make your VSPackage able to be loaded into side-by-side versions of Visual Studio, consider the following:

Choosing Between Shared and Versioned VSPackages
Explains how to resolve side-by-side issues in your VSPackage.

Registering File Name Extensions for Side-By-Side Deployments
Describes how your VSPackage can register file associations in a side-by-side scenario.

Installing VSPackages
Discusses how to build and install VSPackages and how to support users who are running multiple versions of Visual Studio at the same time.