This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

DDEX Data View Support 

The Data Designer Extensibility (DDEX) SDK provides two schema definition files (.xsd) to support external data object hierarchies in the Visual Studio Server Explorer. The first of these files, VsDataObjectSupport.xsd, defines an XML schema behind a data object framework to support programmatic manipulation of the data objects themselves. This schema is discussed in DDEX Data Object Support.

The second schema, VsDataViewSupport.xsd, defines the XML required to build a data view framework that dynamically builds custom data view hierarchies exposed in the Server Explorer. The data view supports the Visual Studio design-time experience, offering drag-and-drop support from the Server Explorer, as well as binding to custom commands on context menus.

In This Section:

Data View Support Overview

Provides an overview of data view support.

Data View Nodes

Describes data view node types and clarifies distinctions among them.

Common Node Features

Describes characteristics that are common to all node types.

Special Node Features

Describes characteristics of nodes that are not common to all node types.

Data View Hierarchies and Subhierarchies

Describes features of data view hierarchies and subhierarchies.

Data View Hierarchy Extensions

Describes hierarchy extensions and how they can be used.

Parameterized Hierarchies

Describes how to parameterize hierarchies and how to make parameterization useful.

Data View Data Specifiers

Describes data specifiers for data views and describes how to use them.

Node Paths

Describes using node paths.

Command Table (.ctc) File for a Data View

Describes requirements for creating .ctc files for data views.

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