This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

DDEX Provider Implementation 

Implementing a DDEX provider requires that you implement certain required procedures. In addition, you can implement optional procedures. The topics included in this section provide guidance on implementing a DDEX provider under various circumstances and in different implementation scenarios.

In This Section

DDEX Provider Registration

Provides guidance on how to register your DDEX provider under different implementation scenarios.

Retrieving a Data Source Connection

Provides instructions for retrieving either a new or existing connection to a data source.

DDEX Data Connection UI

Discusses the basics of the user interface that you use to connect to data and how it can be modified.

DDEX Data Object Support

Provides extensive details on supporting your DDEX object hierarchy.

DDEX Data View Support

Provides extensive details on providing Server Explorer views of your DDEX object hierarchy.

Related Sections

DDEX Samples

Includes overview topics for each of four DDEX samples. Additionally, sample walkthroughs are provided.

DDEX XML Schema Reference

Provides comprehensive documentation of the schema reference (.xsd) files that underlie data object support and data view support.

DDEX Managed Class Library Reference

Language reference documentation for the DDEX managed class library.