Windows Mobile 6.5
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The Navigate2 method navigates to a URL, file or pointer to an item identifier list (PIDL).

HRESULT Navigate2(
  VARIANT* Flags,
  VARIANT* TargetFrameName,
  VARIANT* PostData,
  VARIANT* Headers


[in] Pointer to a VARIANT of type VT_BSTR that specifies a URL or file to navigate to.


[in, optional] This variable is not used.


[in, optional] Pointer to a VARIANT structure of type VT_BSTR that contains the name of the frame in which to display the resource. The possible values for this parameter are described in the following table.

Value Description


Load the link into a new unnamed window.


Load the link into the immediate parent of the document the link is in.


Load the link into the same window the link was clicked in.


Load the link into the full body of the current window.

window name

A named HTML frame. If no frame or window exists that matches the specified target name, a new window is opened for the specified link.


[in, optional] Pointer to variable that specifies data to send with the HTTP POST transaction. For example, the POST transaction is used to send data gathered by an HTML form.


[in, optional] Pointer to a variable that specifies the HTTP headers to send to the server.

This method returns the standard values E_INVALIDARG, E_OUTOFMEMORY, E_UNEXPECTED, and E_FAIL, as well as the following:


The method completed successfully.


The DISPID is defined in piedocvw.h. Use this value to identify the event handler when implementing IDispatch::Invoke.

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