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The BGSOUND element enables a background sound to be played when the page is visited. This element does not require a closing tag. The sound will only be played one time, regardless of the value of the LOOP attribute.

There are some common properties and collections that apply to all the elements of the document object model, see Common Properties, Methods and Collections for the HTML Elements in Internet Explorer Mobile.

This element can be used within a web page with attributes.

This element can be used within scripts where it will have properties, events and methods.

The following table shows items that Internet Explorer Mobile supports.

Attribute Value Description



Specifies the URL of the sound to be played. Not all devices support all sampling rates and bit depths, so this may result in the file not playing. (The only supported file format is .WAV. .MID, .AU. and .AIFF files are not supported.)

This element has no scripting properties.

This element has no associated events.

This property has no associated methods.

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