Office 2000 and Office XP HTML Support

Windows Mobile 6.5

Because of the minimal DHTML support on Internet Explorer Mobile , some Microsoft Office 2000 and Microsoft Office XP documents, when saved as HTML fileswhen they are saveddisplayed correctly.

Generally, Microsoft Word documents that are saved as HTML files keep much of their formatting when they are viewed in Internet Explorer Mobile. Many basic Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are also displayed well. However, Microsoft Access data access pages and Microsoft PowerPoint HTML presentations can be more problematic.

When you are writing Web pages for Internet Explorer Mobile by using Office, Microsoft FrontPage generally gives you the best results. Word documents that are saved as HTML files contain a large amount of additional content that supports the extensive formatting options in Word, but Web pages that are written by using FrontPage are frequently smaller and faster to download.

Microsoft Visual InterDev and Microsoft ASP.NET mobile controls are also excellent tools for developing online content for Windows Mobile devices.

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