Internet Explorer Mobile Characteristics

Windows Mobile 6.5

Internet Explorer Mobile is the provided browser for Windows Mobile devices. It is improved for use on the Windows Mobile Professional and Windows Mobile Standard platforms.

Internet Explorer Mobile is ideally suited for small profile displays and mobile-optimized Web sites. It keeps many of the features of Internet Explorer for desktop computers. For example, Internet Explorer Mobile handles such features as dynamic HTML (DHTML), frames, scripting, and XML. Internet Explorer Mobile also has new features and improvements to deal with content that is optimized for small form-factor browsers, and has specially developed viewing options to display information from non-mobile improved Web sites.

Be aware that many feature-rich Web sites do not implement mobile-optimized or backward-compatible pages for earlier browser versions. Therefore, pages might not be displayed as expected on the Internet Explorer Mobile browser.

Summary of Mobile Browser Features

The categories of browser features

Browser Standards

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