Windows Mobile 6.5

Windows Mobile software provides support for ActiveSync-Over-Bluetooth for Windows Mobile devices. Windows Mobile supports the ActiveSync Profile and the Serial Profile for ActiveSync.

Microsoft provides a .dll update for the desktop computer that will support the ActiveSync profile for ActiveSync-Over-Bluetooth. The .dll update file is not required for Serial Profile support.

Serial Profile support is provided on Windows XP SP2 and on Windows XP with a third-party application desktop Bluetooth solution.

To support the ActiveSync Bluetooth Profile the updated .dll must be included and installed on the Desktop. Microsoft does not include the file, BthASPlugin.dll, in any version of ActiveSync. The OEM can update ActiveSync by including the BthASPlugin.dll file in an update to the Getting Started Disk, previously known as the Companion CD. The BthASPlugin.dll sample plug-in is located at \Public\Apps\Oak\Samples.,MSDN.10).gifSecurity Note:
Ensure that you have encryption enabled while transferring ActiveSync data over a third-party Bluetooth stack.

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