Windows Mobile 6.5

This message is sent by an application to tell the HTML control to jump to the indicated anchor.

  wParam = 0;
  lParam = (LPARAM)(LPWSTR) szAnchor;


A null-terminated wide character text string that contains the name of the anchor to which the HTML control is to jump

If the anchor is already in the document, the jump occurs immediately. If the specified anchor is not in the document, the request will be remembered in such a way that, if the anchor is added, the jump will occur as soon as the anchor is available. When there is a pending anchor, any navigation commands from the user, such as keyboard scrolling or using the scroll bar, stops the pending anchor jump.

This is the Unicode version of DTM_ANCHOR.

Windows MobilePocket PC 2002 and later, Smartphone 2002 and later

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