Delivering Applications

Windows Mobile 6.5

This section describes methods for the installation of applications on Windows Mobile devices.

CAB Files for Delivering Windows Mobile Applications

Describes the use of .cab files for application installation.

The Application Manager

Describes the Application Manager, a utility that is bundled with ActiveSync that enables you to install applications onto Windows Mobile devices from a desktop computer.

Creating an Installer for Windows Mobile Applications

Provides the steps to create an installer that, when run on a user's desktop computer, will install an application on a connected Windows Mobile device.

Packaging Windows Mobile Applications With CAB Wizard

Describes the legacy method of creating .cab files using a command-line utility.

Optional Setup.dll Files for Installation

Provides information on how to create a setup .dll that will run automatically when an application is installed on a Windows Mobile device.

Wceload Tool

Describes the tool that runs on a Windows Mobile device and unpacks .cab files, as well as installs the contained application.

Security for Windows Mobile Devices

Provides information for Windows Mobile powered device security model, Authentication Services, Credential Manager, Cryptography, and LASS application development and programming elements.

Signing an Application or Cabinet File for Release to the Public

Provides information on signing an application with a certificate that will allow it to be installed on a Windows Mobile device.

Testing How an Application Will Behave Under Different Security Configurations

Provides information on the security restrictions placed on running Windows Mobile applications.

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