Creating Applications that Utilize GPS

Windows Mobile 6.5

The availability of low-cost, and sometimes integrated, GPS hardware for Windows Mobile devices makes it possible to develop applications that are aware of their current physical location. Applications can access GPS information using a standard interface, and use the results for mapping, location reporting or "geo-tagging" other items of data.

Configuring Your Device to Use GPS

Making GPS hardware work with a Windows Mobile device.

Using the GPS Intermediate Driver from Managed Code

Accessing the GPS hardware using Visual C# or Visual Basic .NET.

Using the GPS Intermediate Driver from Native Code

Accessing the GPS hardware using Visual C++.

Showing the GPS Settings Icon

Ensuring the GPS icon appears in the Settings window.

Using the FakeGPS Utility

Using the GPS emulator.

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The Windows Mobile Developer Wiki, GPS page.

GPS Intermediate Driver

The GPS abstraction layer.

GPS Intermediate Driver Application Development

Writing code that uses GPS.

Security, GPS and Resolution Awareness Tools

Tools to help during GPS development.

Configuring the GPS Intermediate Driver

Information on using the driver.

Virtual Earth - Windows Mobile Developer Blog

Popular application that uses GPS and Microsoft Virtual Earth server.

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