Programming Techniques for Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile 6.5

Although Windows Mobile devices share much in common with "desktop" Windows, there are many situations that are unique to mobile devices, or that apply only to Windows Mobile. Further, sometimes it's difficult to discover the specific technologies that are required to complete a specific programming task. This section provides information and practical advice about writing applications for Windows Mobile devices.

Beginner's Guide to Windows Mobile Development

Beginners start here!

Making use of Device-Specific Features

Using the features that define the phone and communication capabilities of a Windows Mobile device.

Best Practices for Windows Mobile Application Compatibility

Helping ensure your application runs as expected on as many Windows Mobile devices as possible.

Designing Applications for Windows Mobile Platforms

Guidelines and instructions regarding designing applications for Windows Mobile devices.

Creating Applications that Utilize GPS

Using GPS to help your application determine the location of the Windows Mobile device.

Developing with Managed Code

Using Visual C# and Visual Basic .NET, and working with Visual C++.

Writing Games for Windows Mobile Devices

Information for game developers.

Programming with Internet Explorer Mobile and AJAX

Adding Web 2.0 features to your applications.

Utilizing Windows Mobile-specific Controls

Making use of the common controls available on Windows Mobile.

The Mobile Client Software Factory

Developing enterprise-strength applications using Software Factories.

Deployment, Setup, Security and You

Distributing your application.

Writing Applications that Access Databases

Creating and accessing local and remote databases.

Updating Applications to Windows Mobile 6.5

Making use of new Windows Mobile features.

Working with Windows Media Player Mobile

Adding support for Windows Media Player Mobile to your application.

Writing MFC and ATL Applications for Windows Mobile

Writing applications that make use of the MFC libraries.

Device Drivers

Reference information for interacting with device drivers, which, in turn, interact with devices.

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