Writing Code for Multiple Devices and Versions

Windows Mobile 6.5

Many types device platforms are based on the Windows Embedded CE operating system. These range from Windows Mobile devices, to factory automation controllers. Using conditional compilation, or runtime platform and version checking, you can write code that targets a broad range of platforms, and it will still be able to take advantage of the particular capabilities and conventions of each platform. These techniques even allow you to share Windows Mobile code with desktop versions of your application.

Conditional Compilation

Describes how you can use conditional compilation to include or exclude certain portions of code, depending on which platform you are targeting at compile time.

How to: Implement Runtime Platform and Version Checking

Details how to use the Windows Embedded CE GetVersionEx function and the Windows Embedded CE OSVERSIONINFO structure to implement runtime platform version checking.

Runtime Platform and Version Checking

Describes the concepts behind platform and version checking at runtime.


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