Memory and Power Management

Windows Mobile 6.5

Memory management is very important on a device with limited physical RAM and no virtual memory paging file. Applications for Windows Mobile devices must be ready to free memory when they receive the Windows Embedded CE WM_HIBERNATE messages.

Managing Variables, Stacks, and Heaps on Windows Mobile Devices

Examines important factors about how your application allocates memory to manage static and global variables, stacks, and heaps.

Handling Low Memory States

Explains how Windows Mobile devices handle low memory situations.

Handling Application Hibernation

Explains how Windows Mobile devices use application hibernation to free memory.

Preventing Automatic Power Down

Describes how to prevent automatic power down.

System Out of Memory Dialog Box

Provides information about how a Windows Mobile device responds to critically low memory states.

Getting Memory Status and Processor Information

Explains how you can obtain information about the processor and memory characteristics of the device.

How to: Determine Available Memory

Provides a code example showing how to get information about the amount of available program or storage memory on the device.

How to: Suspend the Device

Provides a code example showing how to cause a device to suspend.

How to: Program an Application for Windows Mobile Standard to Turn the Backlight On or Off

Provides a code example showing how to turn off and on the backlight.

How to: Determine Battery Status

Provides a code example showing how to determine battery status on the device.

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