Getting Memory Status and Processor Information

Windows Mobile 6.5

Use the Windows Embedded CE GetSystemInfo function to return information about the processor and memory characteristics of the device through the Windows Embedded CE SYSTEM_INFO structure.

All devices running Pocket PC 2002 and Smartphone 2002 software and later are based on the ARM4 CPU, and the wProcessorArchitecture structure member reports PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_ARM. The emulator reports PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_INTEL with a wProcessorLevel of 5.

Both processor architectures are based on a 4-KB page size with a 64-KB allocation granularity. The allocation granularity means that each page allocation must start on a 64-KB boundary.

The Windows Embedded CE GlobalMemoryStatus function returns information about the current state of memory on the device through the MEMORYSTATUS structure. The dwTotalPhys and dwAvailPhys members of the structure contain, respectively, the total amount of program memory and the amount that is currently available.

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