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What's New in Time Management for Windows Mobile 6

Windows Mobile 6.5

The following time management features are new in Windows Mobile 6. Additional software requirements are listed with each feature. If there are any additional hardware requirements, those requirements are also listed.

Mobile Time Management Features Description

Tasks for Windows Mobile Standard

This feature makes the Tasks features consistent across all platforms. This gives Windows Mobile Standard users the ability to:

  • Edit notes and properties for tasks.
  • Create a new task and set its properties.
  • Create basic recurrence patterns.
  • Enable actions from the summary card menu.

Improved Calendar Views

The usability and visual appeal of the calendar views that are available in the Calendar application have been improved. The goals of these improvements are to:

  • Enable users to always know what they are doing on the current day.
  • Enable users to tell at a glance when they are free and when they are not.
  • Display what is immediately relevant and most important in the view when the application opens.
  • Align calendar views to match the visual style and layout that are used by the Microsoft 2007 Office system.
  • Allow users to choose the view in which the Calendar will open.

Meeting Attendees and Status

Mobile meeting organizers now can view the status of all attendees for their scheduled meetings. For users who carry only their mobile devices to meetings, this is the easiest way to keep track of attendees.

The goals of this feature are to:

  • Display the name of the meeting organizer in the Appointment summary card.
  • Allow a meeting organizer to see a list of prospective attendees, along with the schedule status of each attendee (Free, Busy, Tentative, OOF).
  • Allow each attendee to see the list of the other attendees.
  • Give mobile attendees the ability to contact any attendee on the meeting list.

Requires Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.

Meeting Request Improvements

This feature provides mobile users with more control over their schedules, which enables them to make more intelligent decisions regarding meeting requests.

The goals of this feature are to:

  • In the meeting request, indicate if there are conflicting or adjacent meetings.
  • Allow mobile users to check their calendar quickly for the requested time-slot in the meeting request.
  • Delete a new meeting request from Inbox automatically when the user deletes the associated calendar meeting.
  • Allow mobile users to edit their responses when they respond to meeting requests (applies only to Windows Mobile Standard; Windows Mobile Professional already does this).

Requires Exchange Server 2007.

Out of Office Assistants

This new feature gives mobile users the ability to retrieve and set their out-of-office (OOF) status and their OOF messages from their Windows Mobile devices.

Requires Exchange Server 2007.

Reply and Forward Meeting Appointments

This feature brings Meeting Request functionality on mobile devices up to the level that is supported on the desktop. This feature gives mobile users the ability to:

  • Reply to the meeting organizer from a meeting (Appointment) item in the Calendar application.
  • Reply to the entire group of recipients on the attendee list from a meeting (Appointment) item in the Calendar application.
  • Invite another attendee to the meeting (that is, forward the meeting (Appointment) item to a contact) from a meeting (Appointment) item in the Calendar application.

Requires Exchange Server 2007.

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