Windows Mobile Features (Native)

Windows Mobile 6.5

Many features included with a Windows® phone can be tailored according to their specific requirements and user needs. This section provides the necessary information to extend, interact with, and configure many of the components, technologies, and services provided by Windows phones.

Applications and Services

Covers ActiveSync, POOM, and other services for application developers.


Using the Audio stack.

Browser Applications

Information on supported web browsers.

Component Services (COM and DCOM)

Support for COM and DCOM.

Core OS Services

Low-level services.

Encoded Media

Digital Rights Management and DirectShow reference.

File Systems and Storage Management

Information on supported file storage systems.


Using different typefaces.


Covers Direct3D and DirectDraw.


Creating international applications.

Internet Client Services

Support for browser applications, and support for scripting languages.

Internet Explorer Support Components

Programming elements available to Internet Explorer applications.


Provides information about the Kernel.

Networking - Core

Core networking technologies, such as TCP/IP.

Networking - Remote

Wide Area Network technologies.

Networking - Wireless

Wireless technologies.

Phone Features

Information on the Phone API set.

Power Management

Topics covering all aspects of monitoring and making the most of power resources on mobile devices.

Security for Windows Mobile Devices

Essential information on security models and authentication.


Information on Server Components.

Shell, GWES, and User Interface

Comprehensive information regarding the Windows Mobile user interface and controls.

Voice over IP Phone Services

Support for VoIP technologies.


Support for reading and writing XML files.

Windows Mobile Features (Managed)

Reference documentation for developing in Managed Code.

Community Additions