This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Working with Mail Items

The MailItem class contains the methods and properties you use to perform tasks with e-mail messages.



Create an e-mail message.

How to: Create an E-Mail Item

Send an e-mail message.

How to: Send E-Mail Programmatically

Respond to new e-mail messages with a custom action.

How to: Perform Actions When an E-Mail Message Is Received

Save attachments.

How to: Save Attachments from Outlook E-Mail Items

Flag messages that match specified criteria.

How to: Set Flags on Incoming E-Mail Items

Iterate through all unread messages.

How to: Retrieve Unread Messages from the Inbox

Add a command to the shortcut menu of a message.

How to: Copy an E-Mail Message Using a Custom Menu Command

For more information about Outlook tasks and the Outlook object model, see Outlook Object Model Overview.