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make_pair (STL/CLR)


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Make a pair from a pair of values.

template<typename Value1,  
    typename Value2>  
    pair<Value1, Value2> make_pair(Value1 first, Value2 second);  


The type of the first wrapped value.

The type of the second wrapped value.

First value to wrap.

Second value to wrap.

The template function returns pair<``Value1``, Value2``>(``first``, second``). You use it to construct a pair``<``Value1``, Value2``> object from a pair of values.

// cliext_make_pair.cpp   
// compile with: /clr   
#include <cliext/utility>   
int main()   
    cliext::pair<wchar_t, int> c1(L'x', 3);   
    System::Console::WriteLine("[{0}, {1}]", c1.first, c1.second);   
    c1 = cliext::make_pair(L'y', 4);   
    System::Console::WriteLine("[{0}, {1}]", c1.first, c1.second);   
    return (0);   

[x, 3]  
[y, 4]  

Header: <cliext/utility>

Namespace: cliext

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